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Course Schedule

Fall 2010 Insight for Action Schedule

Nov 10 – 14
Dec 1 – 5
The Insight for Action course runs from 7pm, Wednesday to noon, Sunday.

Winter-Spring 2011 Schedule will be announced in mid-November

Sample Program

Day 1
Evening sessions on Drivers of Change and Sustainability Frameworks

Day 2
Business Case for Sustainability
Innovation as a Design Strategy
Economics as a Sustainability Driver
Environmental Issues as Sustainability Drivers
Analyzing the Take-Homes

Day 3
Social Issues as Sustainability Drivers
Assessing the Drivers in Your Context
Rules of the Sustainability Labyrinth
Planning and Design for Sustainability
Grappling with Complexity: Dinner and Discussion with Leading Executives

Day 4
Implementing Sustainability in Built Environments
Implementing Sustainability in Supply Chains
Engaging Internal Stakeholders

Day 5
Engaging External Stakeholders
Charting Your Course