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Josie Plaut

Josie is Director of Projects for the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University.  She has a degree in Business and Sustainability from Fort Lewis College and a Masters of Construction Management with an emphasis in Sustainable Building at Colorado State University.  Josie has worked in the private, non-profit and government sectors to facilitate and coordinate green building projects and is an experienced instructor, lecturer and workshop facilitator.  Josie is LEED v2.0 and v2.2 Accredited Professional with working knowledge in LEED compliant design, construction, and documentation. 

Josie’s research interests include organizational change and processes as they relate to the adoption of sustainability and integrated design.  Her thesis research focused on pivotal experiences and the championing of sustainability in the building industry.  She has presented her thesis work at regional and national conferences and to the 2006 Board of Directors for the U.S. Green Building Council.  Josie co-authored two articles in the premier edition of the Journal of Green Building and is a frequent public speaker at conferences, programs and events.  In addition, Josie teaches college level courses in sustainable design and construction and conducts professional development trainings for industry professionals.  Josie’s current research interests include the development of a process and metrics tool that will create a radical shift in thinking toward regenerative communities and projects.