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L. Hunter Lovins

Lawyer, sociologist, “green business icon” (Newsweek), consultant, professor, and best-selling author, Hunter Lovins founded Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS), Colorado State University’s partner for Sustainability Executive Education. Hunter is a senior faculty member of SEE, and will be a constant and lively presence in Insight for Action.

In her career, Hunter has been named a Time Magazine “Hero of the Planet”, authored nine books, including the world-wide bestseller, Natural Capitalism. She has been a consultant to the U.S. and foreign governments, multilateral institutions, some of the largest companies in the world, and many of the companies most closely identified with sustainable business practices. She co-founded Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Hunter’s areas of expertise include Natural Capitalism, sustainable development, globalization, energy and resource policy, economic development, climate change, and land management. In addition to her work with Colorado State University, Hunter is Professor of Business at Presidio Graduate School.