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Recognizing that authentic sustainability is an enormous challenge for any enterprise, and that the science and technology, and the economic, political, and competitive landscapes all evolve rapidly, SEE aspires to create a thoughtful, unique, long-term program that fulfills sustainability challenges over time. To achieve this goal, SEE will focus on:

  • Enabling implementation
  • Moving past eco-efficiency (“being less bad”) towards leading companies and markets to authentic sustainability (restoring human and natural capital).

Creating earning environments that deliver close interaction with:

  • Sustainability thought leaders
  • Proven content experts
  • Facilitators with deep knowledge in business sustainability, coaching and project-based learning.

Sustainability is not something to be learned once.  Sustainability challenges are dynamic. Accordingly, we seek to develop long-term relationships with participants, building trust through success, delivering meaningful “return on investment” in SEE courses. These relationships will most often begin with SEE’s Insight for Action foundational course, but aim towards more in-depth learning, ultimately resulting in “sticky” relationships through which we help firms develop a sustainable vision, strategy, tactics, benchmarking and other activities which maximize results. SEE measures its success through positive, measurable, real-world results in its participants’ organizations.

Differentiation & Competitive Advantage

SEE brings value by capitalizing on the thought leadership of NCS, the intellectual depth of Colorado State University, the combined teaching capability of its founders and their networks and the practical experience of both partners. Key differentiators include:

  • Employing the inventors, doers, and creators of the sustainability world in content design and delivery
  • Adapting curriculum to reflect the profile of students in the classroom
  • Offering a unique, comprehensive, and progressive programmatic design, with logical, integrated paths to follow
  • Combining of academically rigorous content with effective practical application
  • Making the extensive research and science capacity of CSU available to market actors
  • Assessing course effectiveness during, and after, delivery