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SEE Teaches How to Implement Sustainable Practices


“Business education at Colorado State University is entering a new era today with the launch of Sustainability Executive Education (SEE),” announced Ajay Menon, Dean of the College of Business at Colorado State University. “This solutions-driven program provides an innovative framework that will deliver practical tools to executives to design and implement sustainable business practices,” he said. “SEE advances the College’s long tradition of leadership in applying new knowledge to the world of practice."

CASE Senior Associate Director Bill Kramer added, “SEE will appeal to a variety of participants. We meet the needs of line business managers who are already tasked with achieving sustainability goals but are not sure how to achieve lasting results. We also serve those adding sustainable business to their core skills. Companies participating in a SEE course will enjoy a meaningful return-on-investment.”

SEE is a partnership between the College’s Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Enterprise (CASE) and Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS). “The curriculum, developed in collaboration between CSU faculty and NCS, combines the academic rigor of a world-class university with results-driven experience from NCS, a global leader in implementing sustainable practices in business in government,” said Kramer.

“We are proud to partner with NCS, a Colorado-based national treasure led by green business icon, Hunter Lovins,” he continued.

Lovins, a leading professor of Sustainable Management who lectures at universities on five continents, leads a team of practitioners and academicians to bring cutting edge expertise and hands-on experience in profitable sustainability. She was named millennium “Hero for the Planet” by Time Magazine and is the best-selling author of Natural Capitalism, a book globally in demand by companies, communities and countries.

“In 20 years of teaching and consulting about sustainability I have never been more excited by the potential for positive results. SEE is a business-focused effort that will deliver real change,” said Lovins. “The CSU-NCS partnership is compelling and powerful. Our program fills the huge gap in results-focused resources to enable companies that are serious about sustainability to transform their business practice, not just do ‘less bad,’” she continued.

Lovins joins other industry experts, including leading College of Business sustainability experts Tom Dean and Paul Hudnut, as a SEE faculty member.

“SEE shows companies how to transform themselves, top to bottom, achieving superior financial results while meeting high standards of environmental and social performance,” said Dean.

The original article can be found here on the Colorado State University College of Business website.