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The potential global impact of sustainable business practices is huge. 
-    Amanda Hoenes

Company executives often see only into the next five or ten years.  If they looked at the next 50 or 100 years, perhaps they would see that sustainability is crucial not only for our human ecosystem’s long-term survival, but for their business’ survival as well.
-    Anthony Guillen, PMP; Project Manager, General Electric

Contrary to the perception that sustainability measures add costs to a business, there is so much opportunity to find sustainability practices that reduce costs, increase profits, decrease risk, increase brand value, or a combination of these.
-    Kelly Coffey, Training Manager, Vail Resorts

Businesses that embrace sustainability concepts will have a significant competitive advantage over those that wait to react to increasing societal and government pressures.
-    Todd McCarl

The Hartford finally began to realize that printing costs were skyrocketing and as result, started to make drastic changes… This alone saves us over $100,000 a month in paper/supply costs, just by making some simple changes.
-    Christopher Foote